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Welcome to Ninshu, discover authentic handmade Japanese pottery.

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The historic Imperial Omuro Kiln
The Omuro Imperial Kiln, founded by the Emperor Goyouzei in 1646, have been serving the Omuro Imperial Palace for more than 370 years. The first kiln master was a nameless man called Seiemon. By picking "NIN" of Ninnaji and "Sei" from his name, he was granted by the Emperor Uta, the first chief priest of Ninnaji a name, Ninsei. The name "NINSHU" has been granted by sir Zuiyu Tatebe, the 43rd master of Ninnaji temple. Ninshu, a present kiln master, is honored to represent the noble history of the Imperial Omuro Kiln where the art of Kyoto pottery has been developed and preserved.

Currently 99% of ceramic ware is made by automated molding and transfer-printing. Although they are precise and identical, they do not meet the appreciation of the tea master. Ninshu's pottery are hand made on the potters wheels, one by one, by expert craftsmens hands. The beauty of Ninshu's pottery lies in the refined handmade shapes, in the dynamic traces left by fingers and in the unparalleled scenery of the glazed surface with its brilliant colors. The authentic design of Ninshu is protected both by the inimitable skills of our craftsmen and by an official design patent. Earthenware allows the glaze to penetrate deep into the clay. By firing, the glaze harmonizes, transforms and combines with the clay, bringing about the YOHEN, a profound and evocative kiln effect. Today Ninshu is preserving the unrevealed glaze recipes that have been used for 370 years and that still let achieve the beauty of this kiln effect.

By Appointment to the Ninnaji Temple,
the Master Temple of all Imperial temples.


A single cup

clad in the great ocean

or in a sea of clouds

reminiscent of a Zen garden


Trusted by

Frank Lee

This Ninshu bowl is just the right size and has a great finish, I think it looks even better in real life because you can really see the complex colors of the glaze. The ceramic has a very earthy look to it, and like the descriptions says, the piece is...

Paul Barret

Beautiful cup... even prettier in person. It's the perfect size. Best for green tea, which are brewed at lower temperatures, as these are superconductive to heat. The texture and outer appearance: beautiful and pleasing to the touch. The inner appearance is dazzling and unique.

Tammy Murray

If using indoors, I lightly add Diatomaceous Earth over to cover it and it still allows the incense to scent the room. but without any smoke. Always use a coaster underneath the bowl to protect surfaces.

Marie Sanchez

The bowl is beautiful. Love it. Evocative of fog-weathered hills, Mountain Mist adds an earthy element to the tea experience.