User’s Guide

Points of attention

1.All of this work is completely handmade. They are not made by an automatic potter’s wheel.
2.All of Ninshu’s vessels are stamped with the “Ninshu” seal of approval.
3.Each piece is completely handmade, and therefore differs in shape, size, pattern, and color.
4.Penetration is a craft design. It is a unique attraction of ceramics created with soft clay and glass glaze.
5.The gold glaze will change its golden color with use.
6.The inscription “Ninshu” was written by High Priest Zuiyu Tatebe, the 43rd priest of Ninna-ji Temple world heritage site.
7.The sixteen chrysanthemum emblems are endowed by the High Priest Tatebe Zuiyu, the 43rd head priest of Ninna-ji Temple.
8.After receiving the product, please soak it in water overnight before use to prolong the life of the product.
9.All our products are dishwasher and microwave safe. However, it is pottery and can be damaged.

How to purchase products

1. Add items to the shopping cart
2. Proceed to the order screen
3. Enter the shipping address
4. Select the payment method
5. Confirm your order.

※ After entering the shipping address, the product purchase price will be changed to tax-free if the shipping address is outside of Japan.


●Credit card payment (Stripe)
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB

Payment is made through Stripe’s payment infrastructure, which supports over 135 currencies and payment methods worldwide. For security reasons, we do not retain credit card information.

●AliPay payment

Shipping cost

A base rate is determined for each country to which the shipment is made, and is added to each item shipped.

●the United States, Canada
¥13,000 + ( ¥1,000 ×quantity )

●the United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, France, Poland, Austria, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium
¥11,000 + ( ¥1,000 ×quantity )

●Australia, New Zealand
¥11,000 + ( ¥1,000 ×quantity )

●United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia
¥11,000 + ( ¥1,000 ×quantity )

●China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan
¥7,000 + ( ¥800 ×quantity )

●Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand
¥8,000 + ( ¥800 ×quantity )

For shipments to countries other than those listed above, please contact “Enquiries about the product.”

Return Policy

●Due to the nature of handmade one-of-a-kind products, we do not accept returns or exchanges at the convenience.

●If the item is damaged upon arrival, please contact us.”Enquiries about the product”

We will refund the amount of the relevant merchandise after confirming photos of the damage.