ZEN|Ninshu Cup

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ZEN|Ninshu Cup
ZEN|Ninshu Cup

ZEN is a brand characterized by the luxury of gold and the serenity of black.

The NINSHU Cup that is the most convenient to use.

Suitable for cold drinks such as alcoholic drinks.
※Can be used Microwave
※Can be used Dish washer
※Can be packaged in paulownia boxes (see details of works for details)

¥3,960¥6,600 (税込み)






There are two types of cups: single cups and pairs.

Please purchase “Paulownia Box for Kyakunin Cup and Ninshu Cup (Single or Pair)” together when you need it.

Ninshu cup are 1cm larger in diameter than Kyakujin Cup.

〇 Can be used Microwave
〇 Can be used Dish washer
× Can’t be used Oven

Single box

Pair box

Product Size

approx. D10cm × H7cm 300ml/210g

Package Size_single box

approx. W11.5cm × D11.5cm × H10cm 290g

Package Size_pair box

approx. W22cm × D11.5cm × H10cm 530g

Please soak the product in water overnight after arrival before use. This will prevent coloration of the product.

Since all pieces are handmade, the product you receive may not be exactly the same as the one shown in the product image. The size, shape, color, pattern, texture, and other characteristics of each piece are different, and this is also part of its charm.
Specifically, please refrain from purchasing this product if you do not appreciate individual differences such as Craze (cracks created during firing), Iron powder (black spots oxidized by firing), Pinholes (small white spots on the surface), and unevenness in the glaze as part of the individual character of the pottery.

We do not accept cancellations, returns, or exchanges for any reason.

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