Welcome to Ninshu, discover authentic handmade Japanese pottery.

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Are the Ninshu Microwave safe?

Yes, they are Microwave safe.

Can I use automatic washing machine?

Yes, all Ninshu ceramics can be machine washed.

Can I return the cup?

Please contact the store you purchased for the conditions.

Can you send Ninshu ceramics directly to someone as a present?

For an order of more than 5 sets, we are able to send the goods free inside Japan to a forwarding address. Free wrapping service is also available. If the order is less than five sets, we recommend Chanokun Amazon Shop for a forwarding and wrapping service.

Useful Information

All Ninshu ceramics have Ninshu signets.
All Ninshu ceramics are completley handmade. We do not use molds or any mass producing process.
Since they are all handmade, every piece differ in shape, size, texture and color tone.
For a pair, customers may select a combination of colors.
Box Size: Ninshu Wan, Kyakujin Wan,Omuro Wan:22cm~11.5cm~10cm / Ninshu Hachi(21cm):23.5cm~23.5cm~8cm / Omuro Macha Wan, Takumi Chawan, Furyu Chawan:16.5cm~16.5cm~10cm
Gold Glaze will change its appearance due to secular change.