Omuro cherry|Japanese First meal Ceremony Set

Omuro cherry|Japanese First meal Ceremony Set
Omuro cherry|Japanese First meal Ceremony Set
Omuro cherry’s Weaning Ceremony Set features a “boar’s eye” bowl.
The traditional Japanese pattern “Inome” looks like a heart pattern, but it is originally the opposite of a heart pattern and has been used since ancient times as a talisman to ward off evil and bring good fortune. It is an ideal pattern for the weaning ceremony to pray for the growth of the child.
It is also dishwasher and microwave safe, so it can be used on a daily basis after the weaning ceremony.
Flat plate(upper left): for cold foods such as raw fish and tofu paste
Flat bowl (upper right): for hot food and baked goods
Small bowl (middle): For savory dishes and light side dishes
Rice bowl (lower left): for rice
Soup bowl (bottom right): for soup and miso soup
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¥12,000 (Tax included)

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※please soak in water overnight before use. prevents staining on pottery.

〇 Can be use Microwave.
〇 Can be use Dishwasher.
× Can’t be use Oven.

Gift box(2 box)

Product Size

Flat plate(upper left):approx.D11cm×H2cm
Flat bowl (upper right):approx.D12.5cm×H3cm
Small bowl (middle):approx.D6.5cm×H4.5cm
Rice bowl (lower left):approx.D10.5cm×H4.5cm
Soup bowl (bottom right):approx.D9cm×H4.5cm

Gift box Size


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Please refrain from the purchase of the caliber who cannot catch individual difference as personality and an expression.
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