Paulownia Box|For Pair of Kyakujin Cups and Ninshu Cups

Paulownia Box|For Pair of Kyakujin Cups and Ninshu Cups
Paulownia Box|For Pair of Kyakujin Cups and Ninshu Cups

This is a standard paulownia box with a Ninshu’s signature.
Surface: Chrysanthemum seal
Reverse side of the lid: square seal “the designation as a purveyor of Ninnaji-temple”, round seal “Ninshu”.
Yellow turmeric cloth is also included.

This is an optional item when you purchase a pair of Kyakunin Bowl or Free Cup. Please refrain from purchasing the paulownia box by itself.

Calligraphy by “Rakufu” is available as an option.
Please select from “(寿) Kotobuki means Congratulations” or “(祝) Iwai means Celebrations”
Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery if you order with a certificate.
Some blurring or smearing may occur as an expression of the work.

¥1,320 (Tax included)

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※If you would like to order with the calligraphy, please select it when you add the product to the cart.
※This item cannot be purchased separately. Please specify the product to be packed before purchasing.
※Box size and seal design are subject to change
※After entering the shipping address, the product purchase price will be changed to tax-free if the shipping address is outside of Japan.

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Since all pieces are handmade, the product you receive may not be exactly the same as the one shown in the product image. The size, shape, color, pattern, texture, etc., of each piece is different, and this is part of its charm.
In addition, Paulownia boxes may warp or crack due to changes in temperature or humidity.
I do not accept cancellation, returned goods, the exchange by the circumstances of the customer.

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